Journey To Giglio

Journey To Giglio

30 min

On January of 2012 the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia sank in shallow waters after striking an underwater rock off Isola del Giglio. Many things remained unclear about this tragedy, so Andi van Zyl is set to discover the truth regarding this incident.

Journey to Giglio is an investigative piece on the infamous Costa Concordia tragedy. Andi van Zyl is on the Italian island of Giglio for an exclusive exposé on the shipwreck that shocked the world. She will leave no rock unturned as she digs into what happened the night of the accident and uncovers the disaster’s impact on the local residents and economy.

Highlights include exploration of the island and disaster site, and an interview with the man at the helm of the salvage operation, Nick Sloane. Andi sits down with the fellow South African to discuss the delicate process of freeing the wrecked cruise-liner from the reef without spoiling the pristine waters of Giglio Island.

Find out the mystery behind the sinking of Costa Concordia on this Journey to Giglio.

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