Golden Strokes of Guadeloupe

Golden Strokes of Guadeloupe

Next broadcast Jul 17, 2024 - 21:30
30 min

Join us on a journey through one of the most welcoming island of the Caribbean, Guadeloupe! Explore its natural habitats rich in colour and rhythmic sounds that hypnotize us in this dreamy destination.

Golden Strokes of Guadeloupe takes us on a journey in the world of art as we meet a local artist whose art shines light on our modern habits. Discover this hub for scuba divers as you swim through Cousteau's underwater reserve, a breath-taking spot for all those who love diving into the clear blue waters of the Caribbean.

Finally, come dance to the drumbeats of a Caribbean jam whilst allowing the contagious energy to move you. Not many islands lend themselves as well as Guadeloupe! Be sure not to miss our exciting excavation through this unforgettable island on the Golden Strokes of Guadeloupe, available on Nautical Channel.

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