Flavours of Venice

Flavours of Venice

Next broadcast May 20, 2024 - 22:00
30 min

Venice flourishes in commerce, tourism and gastronomy, and its main particularity is the Venetian Lagoon. It has created many professions exclusive to the sinking Italian city as gondoliers transport tourists from all over the world.

Flavours of Venice is a 3-part lifestyle series about a group of vanishing Venetian artisans who have joined in an effort to preserve their city by using the surrounding lagoon in a sustainable way.

Join our host Andi van Zyl in an effort to help with the preservation as she sets aboard the Laguna Longa yacht to discover the city. Together with three local chefs who not only use the Venetian lagoon to prepare unbelievable meals, but also in a sustainable 3-course dish she will embark into Venetian lifestyle.

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