Discovering Halki

30 min

In the south-eastern corner of the Aegean, west of Rhodes, there is a cosy island, a truly untouched gem of the Dodecanese. It’s a realm of rock and absolute peace; an island with great nautical tradition and proud islanders with an innate warmth.

If you are looking for a hidden paradise on earth, then you have found the right place. Greece is home to a small island called Halki. Majestic and mystical; ethereal; elegant yet unpolished; and truly authentic.

In this episode, we will visit Halki’s capital, Emborio and we will explore, with captain George, all the natural hidden treasures of the island.

We are set to discover deep caves, bask on Trahia and Kania beach, and explore Alimia islet. We will visit an abandoned village, learning more about its rich history, and scuba dive down to the sea floor to get closer to a legendary shipwreck.

Still untouched by mass tourism, Halki is the perfect destination for relaxing holidays away from the bright lights or for a quick getaway from the island of Rhodes. Watch Discovering Halki to become part of this almost untouched territory that is worth visiting.

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