Centenary Yachts in St Tropez

Centenary Yachts in St Tropez

Next broadcast May 11, 2024 - 21:30
30 min

Spanning over 15 days, Les Voiles de St Tropez Regatta is the closing event of the summer season in St Tropez and the Riviera as a whole. Over 300 vessels and more than 4,000 sailors unite in Les Voiles de Saint Tropez for a week of racing and festivities, making it a must-go for all nautical enthusiasts.

In this occasion we have a special program dedicated to more than 25 sailboats over 100 years old. The Society Nautique de Saint Tropez organises a special regatta for these centenary yachts, and they well deserve our attention for their incredible cultural and historical heritage.

We will discover the most emblematic boats of German, American, French, British and Swedish architects. The Maritime World Heritage is live on Nautical Channel.

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