Next broadcast Jun 18, 2024 - 02:30
60 min

Master wooden boat builder Olivier D. Huin is back with his crew of Arctic explorers, this time with a much bolder challenge. To take on the legendary Northwest Passages in his hand-built wooden boat; Breskell.

In order to succeed the crew will have to brave 5,000 miles of Arctic storms, polar bears and a constantly moving maze of thick arctic sea ice. People have been trying to accomplish this task for the past 500 years, however only a handful of wooden boats have ever successfully made the trip throught this arid landscape.

Find out whether if Breskell will be successful in their perilous path or will have to ask for assistance as the wooden boat gets stuck forever in the artic ice. Now available on Nautical Channel.


Finalist – Ottawa Adventure Film Festival 2019. Grand Prize – Adventure Film Festival 2019.

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