Atlantic Cup

Atlantic Cup

30 min

Welcome to America’s toughest offshore race! 

The Atlantic Cup is the United States’ premier Class40 sailing race. Created and designed to grow the audience for short-handed, offshore racing with hard fought competition, it combines exciting shore based events while also being the most environmentally sustainable sailing race.

This race is an intense double-handed race held on the eastern seaboard of the United States every other spring in even years. Athletes rush in a nautical competition that is over 1,000 nautical miles of racing, the longest offshore race in the Western Atlantic. It divides in three stages: a long distance leg, a sprint leg and a crewed inshore series, all of these making it one of the toughest sailing races in the world.

Watch sailors compete in this challenging competition to raise the Atlantic Cup while being environmentally responsible in a fully carbon neutral event, available on Nautical Channel.

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