World Rowing Beach Sprint

World Rowing Beach Sprint

30 min

This relatively new exciting format in Coastal Rowing held its first edition of the World Rowing Beach Sprint Finals in Shenzhen, China in 2019. Athletes raced in four boat classes: the mixed double sculls (CMix2x), mixed coxed quadruple sculls (CMix4x+) and men’s and women’s solo (CM1x & CW1x).

With rowers going head-to-head in a knock-out-format, they run to the boat and head to the ocean from the beach to start racing. They steer their boats through a slalom course before a final buoy turn back to the beach for a total of 500m water racing. After this, they have to spring on foot to the finish line buzzer.

Mixing rowing ability with individual speed, only the best athletes in both fields can endure this race. Watch this unique and exciting new style of race in the first ever World Rowing Beach Sprints.

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