The Road To Bermuda

The Road To Bermuda

30 min

The America’s Cup roots date back to 1851, when a businessman from New York sailed the schooner America across the Atlantic Ocean and won a race around the Isle of Wight. From this point on, the United States embarked in the longest winning streak in history of sport, but this streak was broken when the Australia II became the first successful challenger to lift the trophy from the Americans.

Ever since, teams train non-stop to raise victorious with the America’s Cup, one of the most demanding races in sailing.

Road to Bermuda is your inside scoop on the America's Cup 2017! Discover how the teams trained for the June 2017 match, as well as how the location, Bermuda, prepares to host the most famous sailing race in the world.

Each episode explores a different aspect of life in Bermuda; from exclusive interviews with athletes to traditional Bermudan water sports. Travel the Road to Bermuda, on Nautical Channel.

Season 1

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