52 Super Series

52 Super Series

30 min

Established as the world’s leading grand prix for monohull yacht, the 52 Super Series is a yacht racing circuit like no other. The circuit grew from the ashes of the TP52 MedCup that finished in 2011 in an initiative by three key stakeholders who enjoyed this race so much they wanted to keep it alive.

The 52 Super Series embraces like-minded individuals and crews in venues and locations enjoyed by all. This is a series for the best. From Olympic medallists to America’s Cup victors, the dockside is filled with talent.

Watch the racing circuit as yachts speed well over 20 knots and representing sailors from over 20 different nationalities in this sustainable event. Competitors race on a simple first-past-the-post format, so real time racing is all that matters, as there is no post-race time compensation.

Find out what makes the 52 Super Series the best monohull racing in the world.

Season 2018

Season 2022

Season 2023

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