Filipe Toledo and Caroline Marks world surfing champions

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11 Sep 2023
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On Saturday, September 9, the world finals of the WSL surfing championship of this season, 2023, were disputed in a single day. There were 10 surfers who participated in these finals, 5 in the men's category (Filipe Toledo, Ethan Ewing, Griffin Colapinto, Joao Chianca and Jack Robinson) and 5 in the women's category (Carissa Moore, Tyler Wright, Caroline Marks, Molly Picklum and Caitlin Simmers).

The first clash that opened the finals was the fourth vs. fifth. First it was the turn of Caitlin Simmers against Molly Picklum, and then Jack Robinson against Joao Chianca. It was the very young Joao Chianca and Caitlin Simmers who defeated their opponents and were set to face the third place finisher of the season. On the men's side it was the turn of Ethan Ewing and on the women's side, Caroline Marks. Both ended up defeating their rivals in the third and fourth clashes of the day.

It was the turn of the second place finishers to go out and compete, and they had to go head to head against their pursuers. Ethan Ewing faced a Griffin Colapinto who was playing at home, so he had the whole crowd in uproar supporting him. This was undoubtedly a great confrontation, Ethan, even though he had some back pain, was at a spectacular level. The great level of E.Ewing added to the lack of some acrobatics that gave him better scores to Colapinto, made the Australian sneak into the final and play the title with the reigning champion.

Just before the confrontation of Ewing and Colapinto, the young and local Caroline Marks fought against the legendary Tyler Wright for a place in the final. Marks' secret that helped her to beat a two-time world champion was backside surfing, we could enjoy a spectacular technique of the American, a technique that led her to the final to face the number 1, Carissa Moore, who has 5 world titles.

And is that the final, both in the men's and women's, faced the best and number 1 of the season with the one who was in third position.

In the men's final, we saw some of the best surfing of the day. We enjoyed an exciting exchange of maneuvers in which anyone could have won. Toledo was generally more consistent and a little better in each heat so he deservedly took the title of world champion. His second in a row, and that makes five consecutive world championships in which the title has gone to Brazil.

In the women's category, the 2019 final was repeated, but with a different ending. This final was not as exciting or evenly matched as the men's. Since, from the first moment, the five-time world champion looked very nervous, even a little clumsy at times. On the contrary, the American, who was having a formidable day, especially tactically. As against Tyler Wright, her backside surfing technique was practically perfect and she was able to defeat the Hawaiian without any problem, and lift her first World Cup trophy.

Enjoy the best highlighs of the final:

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