Windsurfing in Madrid: 5 places to practice it.

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27 Jul 2023
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Although Madrid has no direct access to the sea, its privileged location in the Autonomous Community gives you access to reservoirs and crystal clear lakes, perfect for gliding over the waters with a board and a sail.

San Juan Reservoir

The San Juan Reservoir is located in the Sierra Oeste de Madrid, between San Martin de Valdeiglesias and Pelayos de la Presa.

It is commonly known as the Madrid´s beach" and is one of the only areas where bathing is allowed and where it also has several "beaches". These are the main differences with respect to other reservoirs in the community of Madrid.

It is also famous for being one of the most extensive in terms of water surface, it has about 14 kilometers, which provides enough space for windsurfers to deploy their sails and enjoy this sport.

Another strong point is the location. The location of the Pantano de San Juan allows constant and favorable winds to be generated for windsurfing. The wind blows regularly in the area.

Finally, one more aspect to take into account, which makes the San Juan Swamp one of the best areas to practice water sports, is its accessibility. It is located at a relatively short distance from the city of Madrid, which makes it an accessible destination for residents and visitors of the capital.

El Atazar Reservoir

The Atazar reservoir is one of the largest reservoirs in the Community of Madrid, which provides an extensive area for windsurfing. It is located in the northeast of the Madrid region, in the town of Cervera de Buitrago.

This reservoir is very important for tourism in the town, which has enabled the area for active tourism and multi-adventure activities such as hiking, biking, adventure park or nautical activities (Paddle surfing, King SUP, windsurfing, sailing and canoeing).

Unlike other more popular windsurfing spots in the region, such as the San Juan reservoir, the Atazar reservoir may offer a less crowded environment.

This may appeal to those seeking a more intimate and relaxing experience with nature while enjoying their favorite water sport.

Guadalix, Pedrezuela reservoir

It is located in the Sierra Norte and is one of the best places to windsurf in Madrid. The Pedrezuela reservoir is one of the most sought after among beginners because it is also the Guadalix Marina.

A port that has been created mainly to cover the supply of water sports in the community of Madrid, becoming a "nautical school" of reference for sports such as windsurfing, but also for others such as kayaking, canoeing, sailing ... Not only are responsible for offering courses, but also stands out for the rental of equipment for the practice of these sports.

Valmayor Reservoir

This reservoir, located northwest of Madrid, in the area of the Guadarrama basin, is another great option for windsurfing in the Madrid region. An important advantage of the Valmayor reservoir is its proximity to the city of Madrid. It is possible to reach the reservoir in a short time from the capital.

In the Valmayor reservoir there are usually ideal winds for windsurfing. It is also necessary to take into account the characteristics and conditions of the water, which thanks to its strong northern winds make it the ideal place for this sport.

That is why a few years ago, in this same location, have been held even windsurfing championships (from the town of Madrid), as the former Madrid Cup of Formula Windsurfing.

Like other reservoirs in the Community of Madrid, Valmayor has several clubs and schools in the area that allow you to rent all kinds of materials to practice different water sports.

Cerro Alarcón Reservoir

The Cerro Alarcón reservoir is one of the reservoirs with the greatest recreational activity in the Community of Madrid. It is located in the municipality of Navalagamella, on the Perales river, northwest of the city of Madrid.

It is a less popular and touristic reservoir, that is why it is ideal for the practice of sports and for the realization of championships.

In this reservoir of Cerro Alarcón, ideal for its weather conditions and its great extension, the Castilla-La Mancha Sailing Championship has been held in the modalities of kitesurfing and windsurfing. In addition to this sport, it is also one of the references in water skiing, so much so that in this reservoir is the Water Ski Club of Madrid, which regularly holds competitions and offers training courses.

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