Why you should spend Christmas on your sailboat

Nautical Channel
22 Dic 2021

If you are still debating where to spend the holidays, maybe the best option is to spend it on your sailboat. Sailing on your boat grants freedom and flexibility, adjusting better to your needs and stressing less during Christmas.

Find out the reasons why spending Christmas on your sailboat is a great idea these holidays!

Great for isolation

Due to COVID, spending time on your sailboat allows you to enjoy the ocean while responsibly isolating and staying safe from the virus. With a sailboat, you can sail across the seas and, depending on the restrictions of each country, spend time discovering new cultures. 

Moreover, when travelling on your sailboat you avoid the stress from staying in foreign beds, worrying about the money spent on getting everyone presents, getting stuck in traffic, huge queues in the shopping mall… it is you (perhaps your family as well) and the ocean. 

Think outside the box

Sailing yachts captains, owners and businesses that saw COVID as an adversity have been able to adapt and overcome the difficulties caused. Moreover, BREXIT had a huge toll on the yachting industry.

A superyacht company called MGMT decided to do something clever to overcome this issue. As quarantine rules for seafarers were different amongst countries in Europe, yachts could come to the UK with less strict protocols for the crew, for a surprisingly cheap cost. 

MGMT welcomed these yachts and became support workers for them, supplying them with essential needs so the crews/owners could stay in their boats safely. Just as they did, other companies support with amenities to boat owners all year round, meaning you can restock easily. 

Christmas beach party

As a cruiser, you can join other cruisers around you and have a Christmas beach party. As there is no travel required, the expense is minimal, and you only have to buy presents to your immediate family that is on the boat. 

Also, cruisers tend to bring dishes they pass, meaning there is very little preparation and a great variety of options. The environment is calm and peaceful, everyone is simply enjoying the holiday and there is nothing really that can stress you out. 

You get to relax and feel at home

For those who feel the pressure about being home for the holidays, we must accept times are changing and COVID is making it more complicated for us to have big Christmas dinners and meet all your friends. On the sailboat, you can relax, save hundreds of euros and spend Christmas Day with other cruisers who share your same hobbies. 

Then, during other times of the year when it is less expensive to travel, you can go visit your loved ones and spend quality time with them without worrying about the madness of the holiday season.