What most DON’T know about P1 racing

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29 Abr 2021
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P1 is a relatively new concept that is growing fast in the nautical world. Boats rush at high speeds across the water and compete against other boats to win world championships and grands prix. Even if it is gaining new fans worldwide, it is still a niche sport.

For starters, the Formula 1 Powerboat World Championship (known as F1) is a motorboat racing competition for powerboats. It is organized by the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM) and often referred to as F1H2O. It shares the title of F1 similar to Formula one car racing. This is because each race lasts 45 minutes following a circuit in a stretch of water.

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The history of Formula 1 Powerboat

The P1 world began in 2003 when it was first staged in Italy. Since, it has seen more than 200 events in almost 20 countries. In 2010, the Powerboat P1 industry decided to refocus its business aim.

They wanted to build the sport from the bottom up instead of the other way around. This meant more amateur riders could join races and progress into more challenging competitions.

This was a huge success P1 AquaX was launched in the UK in 2011 and in the USA the following year. Since, the world of P1 racing has expanded and in 2017 it staged its first SuperStock World Championship event in India.

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What is the difference between P1 Superstock and P1 AquaX?

Both are sports that combine high performance, adrenaline and speed and have international championships. However, the main difference is the vessel. P1 AquaX is an endurance jet-ski championshipwhere competitors use a sit-down craft. They use a jet ski and classes are split into three categories: 200hp, 250hp and 300hp.

On the other side,P1 Superstock races on identical production boats: the stunning P1 Panther. There are two classes that compete in five Grand Prix of the Sea events every season. These races are close to shore, meaning the public can watch the racers from shore.

Due to the necessity of the powerboats to reach high speeds, neither are offshore powerboat racing competitions. There are clearly defined courses near the coast. Both are part of the Powerboat P1 and are quickly growing attracting more experienced racers in a new style of racing.

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How fast do Powerboat P1 competitors go?

They can go very fast. In the P1 Superstock category, boats reach 250km/h or 135 nautical miles. They are powered by a Mercury Marine V6 that generates over 400 horsepower at 10,500 rpm. This engine is very powerful, and it can propel boats to 100km/h (62 mph) in less than 2 seconds.

On the other hand, competitors in the P1AquaX category reach a maximum speed of 111km/h (70 mph).