The PLATOON team champion in the 52 Super Series in Menorca

Nautical Channel
10 Jul 2023
NEWS | Sailing, Sport

Two years later, the most important monohull circuit in the world returns to Menorca from the 4th to the 9th of July for the second event of the 52 Super Series.

The first official points of the competition took place at the inauguration of this circuit at the beginning of May in Saint-tropez. After sailing in French waters, the fleet headed to Scarlino, an Italian town in Tuscany, at the beginning of June. After these two venues in different European countries, the 52 super series is on its way to Spain, where it will compete in the last three championships, in Menorca, Barcelona and Mallorca respectively.

This time, the PLATOON team wins the Menorca 52 SUPER SERIES Royal Cup & tbc TP52 Invitational. An old and beloved competition known by the crews, after the events held in 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2021, and that two years later they have returned to enjoy a lot in these crystal clear waters.

With the first three events contested, the top 3 of the rankings are as follows:
1. Provezza (TUR)
2. Platoon (GER)
3. Quantum Racing American Magic (USA)

Last season's champion (2022), currently in third place, beaten by the German and Turkish team, where the latter has won both races in France and Italy.

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