The boating summer 2021 trends for a perfect summer

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Last year the nautical industry saw a new record number of new boat owners. Moreover, new and seasoned boaters changed their habits to social distance naturally and 93% consider boating a good social distancing activity. 

The coronavirus pandemic has really limited the amount of activities we can do outdoors, so finding ways to have fun out in the sun is proving to be very useful. According to a survey done by SeaTow to 3500 boaters, we can expect this trend to continue during the 2021 summer. 

"6 out of 10 people that stay in marinas will NOT change their summer stay plans" 

boats docked in a marina

Local tourism benefits from this trend

According to the survey, 52% of boaters anticipate their boating activity to increase this summer compared to last summer. 20% claim they decided to extend their boating season due to the pandemic. As boating is naturally socially distanced, it offers a safe space for people who want to enjoy their summer. 

Moreover, 24% of people surveyed plan their vacations on a boat versus any other form of travel. Tourism in this sense seems to have a tendency towards local tourism as 35% plan to use their boat primarily near their home. 

One of the most important benefits of tourism is the construction of local infrastructure. This helps local communities condition their roads, schools, hospitals or parks. 

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How to get our Vitamin Sea safely this summer

Besides keeping our distances on our boats, 54% of boaters plan on maintaining distance at boat ramps, marinas and fuel docks. 35% plan on sailing only with those in their household, while 32% are eager to expand their quarantine circle to include more family or close friends. 

In addition, 59% of people surveyed who already had non-boating related vacation plans have cancelled those plans. On the other hand, only 24% of those who have boating-related vacation plans cancel them. This might mean there is a bigger perception of security in spending our holidays on our boats than in hotels, hostels, apartments…

Most of the people surveyed would not change the quantity of overnight stays, while 27% said they would decrease the amount of nights and 13% would increase them. These overnight boat stays are at marinas.

"A THIRD of boaters will increase their boating frequency this summer"

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The boating industry is growing

Besides this summer trend helps local business benefit from our desire to spend our holidays locally and in our boat, the boating industry is being affected positively. According to the survey, 16% of the 3500 boaters will or had already upgraded to a larger boat. 

The record number in sales of new boats has hit its best numbers in over a decade. According to Sea Tow, owners of new boats are 142% more likely to need ungrounding services, 108% to need fuel delivered to them and 11.2% to need a battery jump. 

“The survey results indicate that individuals and families are looking to socially distance naturally, and what’s better for that than boating!” said SeaTow President, Kristen Frohnhoefer. 

Moreover, a study by the European Boating Industry found that a third of the companies indicated an increase in their revenue, whereas more than half recorded a drop. This depends on the main activity of the company: tourism and production have been hit harder than the distribution and service sectors.