Surfer Mikala Jones dies in tragic accident

Nautical Channel
11 Jul 2023
NEWS | Surf

The surfing world is mourning the tragic death of renowned surfer Mikala Jones. The 44-year-old lost his life while practising his passion off the coast of the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia. According to witnesses, Jones suffered a deep cut to his groin, apparently caused by the fin of his board, which led to severe bleeding in the femoral artery.

Despite the efforts of other surfers to rescue him and provide first aid, Jones lost a large amount of blood and fell unconscious. Although he was rushed to an ambulance, he was sadly dead before he reached the hospital.

Mikala Jones was widely recognised in the surfing world for his skill and passion for the sport. His POV videos, filmed with a GoPro camera while surfing, had gained popularity on social media, showing never-before-seen footage from inside the waves.

The sad news has shocked his fans and friends, who have expressed their support and sent messages of farewell to the surfer. His daughter, Isabella Jones, shared an emotional message on Instagram, remembering her father and thanking him for his love and teachings.

The surfing community deeply mourns the loss of Mikala Jones, a talented athlete who lost his life doing what he loved most. His legacy will live on in the memory of those who enjoyed and admired his passion for the waves.

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