Superyacht concept inspired in Star Wars

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15 Oct 2021
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The Naboo is a zero-emissions electric superyacht which will be equipped with solar panels and electric propulsion. It will hold a three-stories vertical garden.

Hidden Portside’s new superyacht concept is proof that sustainability and luxury boating are not far away from one another. This Barcelona-based design studio has created an innovative 164-footer known as Naboo. The boat will pair eco-friendly furnishing with zero-emissions propulsion. 

The vessel will have a sleek, silver hull forged from recycled aluminum and circular lines are in the centre of this concept. The studio argues this circular concept helps create a sense of movement onboard, instead of the mainstream linear flow. 

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“Naboo represents another lifestyle, the ‘smart luxury’, in which sustainability is a mindset, preserving the beauty and elegance of the past, but relying on the innovation of the future,” -Hidden Portside

In a galaxy far, far away…

All Star Wars fans have clearly identified the name of the ship in the cinematographic masterpiece. Naboo is a fictional planet in this franchise’s universe, and it is characterized for its green terrain and being home of Padmé Amidala. The vessel has a futuristic interior that boasts in greenery, reminding visitors of the calmed atmosphere of Naboo.

At the heart of Naboo an inner patio invites people to wander around the garden. Beyond the plush lounge and bar, this space has an epic vertical garden that connects the three decks. Also, it features folding platforms on both sides for accessing the ocean. 

The beach club sits one level above the main deck, and it comes with a jacuzzi and another bar. This deck also holds an open kitchen or “chef’s house” for sea lovers to view their meticulous meal preparation. The deck also has four cabins to accommodate eight guests. 

The lower deck is fitted with a 26-foot garage and space to store water toys and tenders. 

Next to no carbon footprint

Despite its huge proportions, Naboo has almost zero carbon footprint. The vessel moves with an electric propulsion system, and solar panels on the roof of the sundeck generate electricity for the whole yacht, meaning there is no fuel consumption. Moreover, to avoid the excessive use of A/C, the studio integrated smart PCMs (Phase Change Materials) that absorb heat. 

The superstructure is furthermore finished with an ultra-reflective metallic paint that repels UV rays, keeping air inside nice and cool. 

On Nautical Channel we hope to see more superyachts with zero-emissions in Boat Shows like the one celebrated now in Barcelona

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