Provezza wins again the 52 Super Series

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06 Jun 2023
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This weekend the second event of the 52 Super Series took place. This time it was in Scarlino, an Italian town in the province of Grosseto, Tuscany region.

It was a very intense day of four days and eight partials. Everything was very tight, and there was no resolution until the last day and in the last of the disputed races. This last day with just a couple of races to go started with Quantum Racing powered by American Magic in the lead in the provisional standings. With a difference of two points over Vayu and nine over Provezza.

In the penultimate race, Provezza cut 8 points, placing second and only one point behind Quantum Racing after achieving the second victory of the weekend. Going into the final race, with a three-point difference between the top three, anyone could have won.

The grand final was historic and surprising in equal parts. This final leg was won by Harm Müller-Spreer's Platoon, who scored his second partial victory of the week and moved him up to fourth place in Scarlino, which has moved him up three places in the overall 52 Super Series standings to third.

Provezza's victory in Scarlino, which also allows him to remain at the top of the overall ranking of the circuit, came thanks to his fourth place in this last race. But not only that fourth place was enough for him, thanks also to the fact that Quantum finished sixth in this last race, he was able to score more points than the American fleet and take the second consecutive victory in this second round of the 52 Super Series.

Another of the protagonists of this event, which was undoubtedly a historic feat, was Vayu. It is worth remembering that the Thai boat, from the Whitcraft family, made its debut just two years ago in 2021, finishing eighth and seventh in the years in which it has competed. And in this event, in Scarlino, it was the most consistent team. It's a pity that in the decisive stages they had their two worst times of the week. However, that did not prevent their first ever podium finish in the 52 Super Series.

So finally the 52 Super Series in Scarlino ended with Provezza on the podium in first place, Quantum Racing in second and Vayu in third.

Ergin Imre, owner of Provezza, explained the importance of starting the last day with that first win: "Today it took a miracle for us to win this race, and that miracle happened when we won the first race and our competitors finished far behind, so all we had to do was to keep them behind in the last race, which was hard enough...".

In this video we can enjoy the last day of the competition. As we have said, it was exciting.

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