Phoenix flies to the top of the 52 Super Series

Nautical Channel
03 Nov 2021

After two victories, the South African flagged Phoenix leads the Rolex TP52 World Championships, moving to the top of the 52 SUPER SERIES leaderboard with 4 days remaining in the season. 

Ten teams are fighting in Palma for the title of the 2021 season of the 52 SUPER SERIES. This regatta organized by Rolex and the Real Club Náutico de Mallorca (RCNM) will decide the World Champion and season winner, and so far, Phoenix is leading the way in both.

This video of the Rolex TP52 World Championship RCNP 2021 collects the highlights of the first day of competition: 

Tom Slingsby and Cameron Dunn have been combining tactics and strategy on the Phoenix and the TP52 started strong in the Bay of Palma. During the first race, there was a very light westerly breeze that got stronger near the end of the bottom of the course and faded towards the windward mark. 

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The second race however was sailed in 8-9 knots. Phoenix was speedy, especially upwind, and their crew worked well, defending once they were ahead of the game. The defending world champions, Harm Müller Spreer’s Platoon had nothing to do against Phoenix and had to do with two third places. 

The German flagged crew however lies second in the World Championship with 6 points, and they are ahead of Sled and Quantum Racing who added nine points. 

“Yes we had two good wins but it was pretty crazy conditions out there, big shifts and we had a bit of luck for sure.” -Tom Slingsby, Phoenix’s tactician

Phoenix started the first race ahead of Tony Langley’s Gladiator, Andy Soriano’s Alegre and Vladimir Liubomirov’s Bronenosec. Bronenosec actually called an early gybe and closed up to second, leading around the second top mark. However, Phoenix quickly pulled away on the second run to win. 

The second start was more even with Phoenix, who were once again ahead of their game. Platoon was second and Sled slowly advanced on the left. They slowly but surely stole the second position from Platoon who only just held on to the third position of the race. 

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A look behind the 52 SUPER SERIES

The competition was established as the world’s leading grand prix for monohull yachting, and nowadays it is a racing circuit like no other. It grew from the ashes of the TP52 MedCup that finished in 2011 in an initiative by three key stakeholders who enjoyed this race and did not want it to perish. 

This series embraces like-minded individuals in incredible venues and locations. From Olympic medallists to America’s Cup victors, all vessels are filled with talent. Platoon is the World defending champions after winning in Puerto Portals in 2019. The 2020 edition was not disputed due to COVID, but teams have returned more energised than ever. 

Moreover, the boat that has won the most TP52 World Championships is Quantum Racing. They are still one of the favourites amongst the crowd, but so is Phoenix and Platoon. The only thing that is certain is that the winner is still unpredictable. 

Standing for the Rolex TP52 World Championship title and 52 SUPER SERIES sailing week

ROLEX TP52 World Championship RCNP 2021 after two races

  1. Phoenix  (1,1) 2 pts
  2. Platoon (3,3) 6 p.
  3. Sled (7,2) 9 p.
  4. Quantum Racing  (4,5) 9 p.
  5. Bronenosec (2,8) 10 p.
  6. Code Zero (6,6) 12 p.
  7. Interlodge (9,4) 13 p.
  8. Alegre (5,9) 14 p.
  9. Provezza (10,7) 17 p.
  10. Gladiator (8,10) 18 p.

52 SUPER SERIES Standings after Day 1 Palma

  1. Phoenix 50 pts
  2. Platoon 52 p.
  3. Sled 53 p.
  4. Quantum Racing 53 p.
  5. Alegre 58 p.
  6. Bronenosec Gazprom 61 p.
  7. Provezza 75 p.
  8. Interlodge 84 p.
  9. Gladiator 102 p.
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