Paddle sup or paddle surf. What is the difference?

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14 Dic 2023
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Paddle Surfing has gained remarkable popularity in recent years, with new terms such as Paddle SUP (Stand Up Paddle) emerging. What are the real differences between these terms?

Paddle SUP and Paddle Surf are terms that are often used interchangeably, but each has slightly different connotations.

SUP Paddle

The abbreviation "SUP" comes from "Stand Up Paddle", which translates into English as "stand up paddle". This term emphasizes the upright position of the practitioner on the board. While paddle surfing, you could practice it on your knees, for example.

The popularity of Stand Up Paddle has experienced a remarkable growth worldwide, especially in Spain, where every day adds more enthusiasts and new followers to this exciting water sport.

Officially, competitions are usually called SUP. Referring to professional events where athletes compete in the Stand Up Paddle modality, either in racing, surfing or similar disciplines.

While "paddle surfing" encompasses the general and versatile experience of stand-up paddling, "paddle SUP" leans towards a more specific and sporty perspective of the discipline.

Paddle Surf

"Paddle surfing" is the generic term that encompasses the entire activity. It refers to the experience of paddling upright on any water surface, whether it be the ocean, a serene lake or even a recreational pool.

The term paddle surfing encompasses both recreational and sport paddling, and is commonly used by people of all ages and skill levels. Often used as a general term to describe the discipline as a whole, it encapsulates the essence of the activity, regardless of the specific context.

Some places may have an ingrained preference for one term over another. The key is to understand that, regardless of the name you prefer, Paddle SUP or Paddle Surf represents a unique experience of connection with water, nature and physical activity.

The versatility of being able to practice it on any water surface, even in a pool, has caught the attention of those curious to wonder if they could get on and stand up on a Stand Up Paddle board, or even venture out to catch a wave in that position with a paddle.

Whether you're enjoying a leisurely day in calm waters or surfing exciting waves in the ocean, Stand Up Paddle Surfing and SUP Paddleboarding offer a versatile and fun way to explore bodies of water.

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