New Zealand at the lead of the canoe sprints Olympics

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03 Ago 2021
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Lisa Carrington has helped New Zealand win two gold medals, Cuba has won its first ever canoe sprint title and Hungary finished first and second in the Men’s K-1 1000m. Canoe Sprints at the Tokyo Olympics are being disputed at the Sea Forest Waterway. 

Carrington has now won her third consecutive women’s K1 200m gold medal. She remains unbeaten in this event since before the 2012 London Olympic Games. This will be her final appearance at the Olympics after three Games. 

The Kiwi paddler finished ahead of Spain’s 39-year-old Teresa Portela who won her first Olympic medal at her sixth Olympic Games. Denmar’s Emma Jorgensen picked up the bronze at the women’s K1 200m.

Women’s K-2 500m

Once again, Lisa Carrington teamed up with Caitlin Regal to win the women’s K2 500m. They fought against the Polish team formed by Pulawska and Naja who finished second and the Hungarians who won bronze. 

Karolina Naja and Anna Pulawska were delighted with their silver medal. This was Naja’s first silver after winning bronze in 2016 and 2012. Danuta Kozak of Hungary was the defending K2 500m gold medalist in Rio. This time she had to settle for bronze and concentrate on winning for the third time in a row the K1 500m. 

Hungarian triumph in Men’s K1 1000m 

The reigning world champion Balint Kopasz led almost from the start, winning his country’s first gold medal in the race for more than 50 years. If this was not enough, Adam Varga, also from Hungary, won the silver medal. This means Hungary is the first country to win gold and silver in canoe sprints. 

Portugal’s Fernando Pimenta finished third and will take the bronze home. This is the first time his country has ever won a medal in individual canoe sprints. 

Cuba surprises in Men’s C2 1000m 

Cuba has also impressed everyone after winning its first canoe sprint gold medal. The team formed by Fernando Enriquez and Serguey Torres Madrigal finished in first place followed by the Chinese and German teams. 

Moreover, the Cubans achieved a new Olympic record as they finished the race in 3:24.995. The German team struggled for the third position as Brazil came very close to snatching the bronze away. However, they had to settle for fourth place as the Germans were not ready to give in so easily.  

Sprints Medal Results at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Women’s K-1 200m

  1. L. Carrington (New Zealand) 38.120
  2. T. Portela (Spain) 38.883
  3. E. Jorgensen (Denmark) 38.901

Men’s C-2 1000m

  1. Cuba 3:24.995
  2. China 3:25.198
  3. Germany 3:25.615

Men’s K-1 1000m 

  1. B. Kopasz (Hungary) 3:20.643
  2. A. Varga (Hungary) 3:22.431
  3. F. Pimenta (Portugal) 3:22.478

Women’s K-2 500m 

  1. New Zealand 1:35.785
  2. Poland 1:36.753
  3. Hungary 1:36.867

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