GUYOT Environment has come unstuck in the final stretch of Leg 4 in The Ocean Race

Nautical Channel
09 May 2023
NEWS | Sailing, Sport

The boats are about 500-600 miles from the finish line in Newport, Rhode Island, so the crews will be facing their final hours at sea.

Currently, the teams are facing a weather front with winds of 40 knots, and up to 50 knots, some of the strongest winds in the entire race. The 11th Hour Racing Team has built a 25-mile lead over Team Malizia before dealing with these weather conditions, and remains so today.

"We are entering a small squall, with very strong wind, probably around 50 knots. It won't last long, but it will be pretty extreme," relates Nico Lunven from Team Malizia.

The scheduled arrival in Newport remains on Wednesday, May 10. After this storm passes through, the wind will fade fairly quickly, which will mean another slow period, before a moderate through pushes the fleet ashore.

A few hours ago, GUYOT environnement - Team Europe broke up in the North Atlantic, a little more than 600 miles east of Newport, Rhode Island. Due to the aforementioned conditions, difficult conditions with hurricane force winds and strong gusts of wind.

The crew has reported that all crew members are safe and are working to secure the boat.

At this stage, two teams have suspended their voyage, both due to the collapse of the ship's rigging. At this point, therefore, there will be 3 teams receiving points at the end of Leg 4.

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