Exciting rowing finals at the Tokyo Olympic Games

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28 Jul 2021
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In the women’s double scull category Romania won by a big margin while in the men’s category France crossed the line 0.2 seconds ahead. China won at the women’s quadruple sculls while The Netherlands won in the men’s class. 

Exciting Double sculls

France took the Olympic Gold medal away from The Netherlands by just 0.2 seconds and won the men’s double sculls with a best time of 6:00:33 seconds. China’s team formed by Liu Zhiyu and Zhang Liang won the bronze medal, the historic first Olympic medal for the Chinese rowing team. 

In the women’s double sculls, Nicoleta-Ancuta Bodnar and Simona Radis from Romania won the gold Olympic medal 3 seconds before the New Zealand team. In third place, the Netherlands took the bronze. 


  1. France (H. Boucheron, M. Androdias) 6.00.33
  2. Netherlands (M. Twellaar, S. Broenink) 6.00.53
  3. China (Z.Y. Liu, L. Zhang) 6.03.63


  1. Romania (A. Bodnar, S. Radis) 6.41.03
  2. New Zealand (B. Donoghue, H. Osborne) 6.44.82
  3. Netherlands (L. Scheenaard, R. de Jong) 6.45.73

Record setting Quadruple sculls

The Netherlands set a world record in the men’s quadruple sculls with a sprint during the last 500 meters to win the gold medal at the Summer Olympics. Their score has beat the previous mark set by Ukraine at the 2014 World Championships. Great Britain managed to remain at the lead against the Australian team. 

In the women’s quadruple sculls, China completely smashed its opponents with a world record. The boat finished in 6.05.13 and beat the mark set by the Netherlands in 2014. Poland was over 6 seconds behind the winners, followed closely by the Australians. 


  1. China (Y. Lyu, L. Zhang, X. Cui, Y. Chen) 6.05.13
  2. Poland (M. Springwald, M. Wieliczki, K. Zillmann, A. Kobus) 6.11.36
  3. Australia (H. Hudson, R. Thompson, R. Meredith, C. Cronin) 6.12.08


  1. Netherlands (T. Wieten, K. Metsemakers, D. Uittenbogaard, A. Wiersma) 5.32.03
  2. Great Britain (H. Leask, T. Barras, A. Groom, J. Beaumont) 5.33.75
  3. Australia (J. Cleary, C. Girdlestone, C. Antill, L. Letcher) 5.33.97

Australian gold for coxless four

Both Australian teams have won at the fours, setting new best Olympic times in both classes. The men’s team has ended the british rowing reign, who has been dominating since 2000. The British team forgot the steering during the competition and was not able to make it to the podium, finishing fourth. 

Success has also been claimed by the new Australian Olympic champions in the women’s coxless four boat class. They competed in a close battle against the European Champions from The Netherlands. You can find out more about the competition in this article


  1. Australia (J. Hargreaves, A. Hill, S. Turrin, A. Purnell) 5.42.76
  2. Romania (M. Tiganescu, M.V. Semciuc, S. Berariu, C. Pascari) 5.43.13
  3. Italy (M. Castaldo, G. Vicino, M. Lodo, M. Di Costanzo) 5.43.60


  1. Australia (L. Stephan, A. McIntyre, J. Morrison, R. Popa) 6.15.37
  2. Netherlands (E. Hogerwerf, Y. Clevering, K. Florijn, V. Meester) 6.15.71
  3. Ireland (E. Lambe, E. Hegarty, A. Keogh, F. Murtagh) 6.20.46
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