Earth 300 the new scientific exploration concept

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15 Abr 2021
NEWS | Industry

Ivan Salas Jefferson, the founder of Iddes Yachts, has revealed the latest concept of the company. The Spanish-based shipyard has projected the Earth 300, a 300m scientific exploration vessel. 

Not only the design of this latest innovation is extremely beautiful, but also it serves a deeper purpose. The Earth 300 is set to explore and help research the nautical world. Equipped with 22 laboratories, and capable of hosting 160 scientists, 20 resident experts, 40 VIP guests and 20 students, all of this assisted by a maximum crew of 165 members. 

Probably the most eye-catching feature is its science sphere. This 13-story sphere situated aft allows observation with 360º views. It promises to be an important repository of data and information, providing an open platform for science and innovation that can be accessed globally. 

The Earth 300 will be equipped with quantum computer technology and artificial intelligence systems. This will help push this yacht and the scientists aboard to research the ocean in a way never done before. 

earth 300 concept ship

Earth 300: A sustainable yacht

Electricity of the vessel will come from clean, sustainable sources with zero carbon emissions. In addition, it will use a Molten Salt Reactor (MSR), the “new generation of atomic energy” that is safe, sustainable and 100% emission free. This means the Earth 300 will be the first yacht to be powered by this technology. 

Currently, Earth 300 works with two start-ups in its Accelerator program to make the project possible. Their goal is to help monitor environmental conditions across the planet to protect biodiversity and promote ecosystem conservation. 

Iddes Yachts is set to launch this yacht in 2025. Until then, the whole nautical world will be waiting and following the progress of this project. 

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