China faces resistance in their Olympic diving domination

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05 Ago 2021
NEWS | Olympics

Tom Daley and Matty Lee have achieved Great Britain’s first gold medal in the diving Tokyo 2020 Olympics. In all other six events disputed, China has earned the gold medal.

Yuan Cao and Aisen Chen were hoping to earn the gold medal in the Men’s Synchronized 10m platform, but were short against the British team. China has been dominating in Olympic diving for the past 30 years and was hoping to earn all eight golds at the Tokyo Summer Olympics. 

However their efforts were truncated when the British synchronized pair dived at the Tokyo Aquatics Centre 1.23 points ahead of world champions Cao and Chen. Even if this victory went to Team GB, in the other synchronised diving events the Chinese have shown their domination as Olympic champions. 

In the women’s category, Zhang and Chen won the diving competition at the 10m platform while Shi and Wang achieved the diving gold in the 3m springboard. Then, they achieved gold and silver place in the individual 3m springboard. 

Women’s Diving Olympic Results

10m platform

  1. H.C Quan (China)
  2. Y.X Chen (China)
  3. M. Wu (Australia)

3m springboard

  1. T.M Shi (China)
  2. H. Wang (China)
  3. K. Palmer (United States)

Synchronised 10m platform

  1. Zhang and Chen (China)
  2. Schnell and Parratto (United States)
  3. Orozco and Agúndez (Mexico)

Synchronised 3m springboard

  1. Shi and Wang (China)
  2. Citrini-Beaulieu and Abel (Canada)
  3. Punzel and Hentschel (Germany)

Men’s Synchronized Diving Results

3m springboard

  1. S.Y. Xie (China)
  2. Z.Y. Wang (China)
  3. J. Laugher (Great Britain)

Synchronised 10m platform

  1. Lee and Daley (Great Britain)
  2. Cao and Chen (China)
  3. Minibaev and Bondar (ROC)

Synchronised 3m springboard

  1. Xie and Wang (China)
  2. Capobianco and Hixon (United States)
  3. Hausding and Rüdiger (Germany)
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