Episode 1 - Cocoa Beach

P1 USA Offshore - Episode 1 - Cocoa Beach

26 min

As the first race event of the APBA season, it is a great season opener with wild Atlantic waves creating some amazing photo opportunities as the boats catch a lot of air. We are looking forward to giving a big P1 welcome racers, crews and racegoers to this event.

In addition to soaking up the vibe of a P1 race filled with excitement, action and speed, spectators can also take in the atmosphere of the East Coast’s surfing capital. Due to its warm weather, steady waves and world-class surf shops, Cocoa Beach welcomes around 2.5 million visitors each year, making it a top tourist destination. Once the racing is over, The Cover has proven to be a popular destination, with Fish Lips Waterfront Bar & Grill on everyone’s list.

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