Episode 1 - Brest

Pro Sailing - Episode 1 - Brest

51 min

The Pro Sailing Tour pushes the boundaries of the OCEAN FIFTY across different venues all over Europe. In this circuit, we will discover an immersive experience that gets us close to the action of these boats. 

This is the first report series with the 6 teams of professional sailors during their performance at the trimarans. From Brest to Toulon, after a stop in La Rochelle and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, each episode enables the audience to follow up the daily life of the 30 crew members. 

During 5 days, the cities, metropolis and regions as well as their people and culture will be under the spotlight to the "Actors of the sea". Fans will partake in inshore regattas on board of the sail boats and speedboats in the heart of this circuit. 

Join these spectacular multihulls across their journey across the Pro Sailing Tour! 

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