Episode 1

Tahiti Pearl Regatta - Episode 1

0 min

To organize a yearly sailing party in the Leeward Islands of French Polynesia: that was the dream of the newly born Raiatea Regatta Association. Since then, the “TPR” has become the biggest sailing and festive regatta of the Pacific islands and a truly international nautical event.

Over the years, the TPR has become the most “beautifun” regatta of the Pacific island, attracting international crews each year in search of an extraordinary experience. In a warm and authentic atmosphere, the TPR takes place in lagoons with captivating colours, festive stops on islands or motu (islets along the coral reef) and with the sound of the Polynesian winds.

The itinerary changes each year, discovering new islands of Raiatea, but what never changes is the fun and beautiful scenery characteristic of this unique regatta.

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