Sarasota Grand Prix

P1 USA Offshore - Sarasota Grand Prix

26 min

Join us in Sarasota for another round of the 2022 P1 Offshore and AquaX Championships. Around 90 competitors are expected for two days of world-class marine motorsport action. It is the 37th annual Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix.

This event will feature Class 1, the premier international category of offshore powerboat racing, seeing speeds of over 160mph from the 50ft catamarans. Teams from Sweden, The Cayman Islands, and Australia will be competing in Sarasota.


P1 Offshore is the preeminent domestic powerboat racing series, part of the APBA National Championship, and features over 10 different classes of offshore powerboats, ranging in speed, design, and power.

Don´t miss it on Nautical Channel.

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