Episode 2 Michigan City

P1 USA AquaX - Episode 2 Michigan City

26 min

We are returning to Michigan City for the second time in three weeks for the Michigan City AquaX Grand Prix which is the third round for the AquaX racers and the first Indiana Series Event. The PWCs will be back alongside the powerboats to race for another round of the APBA Offshore Championship. So everybody should get their fair share of Sun, Sound, Sand and Speed for the weekend!

Michigan City is notable both for its proximity to the Indiana Dunes National Park and for bordering Lake Michigan. Because of this, Michigan City is a tourist destination especially during the summer, with a wealth of exciting events and activities, especially by residents of Chicago and nearby northern Indiana cities. The lighthouse is a notable symbol for the city and is incorporated into the masthead of Michigan City's only newspaper, the LaPorte County Herald-Dispatch, and on the city's official seal. Michigan City hosted the 1987 Pan American Games sailing events.

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