Episode 4

Inside Sailing - Episode 4

26 min

Let’s start this episode with a series that has established itself through the year as key in the international yacht racing scene. A brand new season kicked off for the exciting 44Cup, promising to be better than ever.

We’ll have a chance to enjoy and learn more about a class making its Olympic debut at Paris 2024: the iQFOiL windsurfing class is a discipline progressing and growing all the time, with new stars emerging at each and every event. The best athletes in the class gathered in Club La Pelle in Marseille, France, for the 2021 iQFOiL European Championship. 

Foiling action continues to impress us so staying with it, we now move to Torregrande, Italy. A total of 138 athletes, 89 men and 49 women from 34 countries and six continents took to the water for the Formula Kite World Championships, battling for the prestigious World titles.

Let’s now see how these skilled athletes fare in the World Series. After an incredible season full of emotion, the breathtakingly beautiful island of Gran Canaria, hosted the final act of the 2021 KiteFoil World Series.

Great level of performances, races that kept us holding our breath till the very last second, and a sense of fair-play created a blend that made this year’s KiteFoil World Series highly successful, and the next one as anticipated as ever.

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