Ocean Safari

Motivated by people of the sea, Andi introduces us to South Africa’s most talented sportsmen. This colourful series will take you to the rainbow nation to meet with sailors, surfers, kite surfers, free Divers, ship pilots and many more! Hop on board with Andi in this years Ocean Safari in South Africa.

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-Episode 1
Asenathi Jim & Roger Hudson - Olympic Sailing Team

-Episode 2
Jordy Smith - Pro Surfer
Bianca Buitendag - Pro Surfer
Spider Murphy - Board shaper

-Episode 3
Bongi Mbambo - Marine Pilot
Durban Port

-Episode 4
Luke McGillewie - Pro Kiteboarder
Oswald Smith - Pro Kiteboarder

-Episode 5
Umthombo - Surfers not Street Kids

-Episode 6
Sodwana Bay