All extreme sports — pursuits in which people challenge the elements of nature in potentially dangerous ways — depend on a solid grasp of scientific principles. Whether it be to calculate exposure to dangerous diving gases, design a better sail or wing, or simply judge when to bail-out of a monster wave.
Each episode of X Force features a different ‘zone’ of extreme adventure — we dive beneath the ocean’s surface, ride the biggest waves and sail the strongest winds. 

We live the thrill with the leading exponents of extreme adventures: feeling the apprehension, sizing-up the obstacles, sharing the challenge, pushing through the terror and enjoying the elation of conquest and survival. But, importantly, we look beyond the human drama, deep into the scientific core and technological edge of each of these sports. Using computer graphics and 3-D animation, we expose the physiological strains on the human anatomy and the complex physics that are fundamental to the survival of our characters.

By bringing together top adventurers of the different disciplines we are able to compare and contrast the physiological and psychological demands of each activity. And we see how these sports people are driving technological innovation at the cutting edge of the extreme pursuits.