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Thanks to a new collaboration with Kiwi sailor and producer Bill McCarthy, Nautical Channel will be serving up monthly updates on the latest news and trends from New Zealand's vibrant sailing tradition.  Laurence F. Hopper, CEO and founder of Nautical Channel said, “Bill is providing our worldwide viewers with a unique glimpse of top notch and cutting edge sailing and boating from New Zealand and also putting Nautical Channel on the New Zealand map”. Bill said “It is great to have a worldwide venue for the latest and greatest of New Zealand sailing”.

Bill McCarthy is an avid sailor and worked for TVNZ for 30 years as a yachting TV producer and film maker.  Bill is specialized in the restroration and sailing of yachts dating from 1890's to early 1900's.  Biill filmed and sailed with the late Sir Peter Blake, is a member of the Royal NZ Yacht squadron, and winner of the Americas Cup. In addition, Bill ran the Arts Channel on Sky New Zealand pay TV platform for 4 years.

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