It's Vendée  Globe time, remember live start this Sunday on Nautical Channel,  and the 29 skippers of this eight edition are ready to rumble in Les Sables.  France  correspondent Christian Dumard links to the studio with the insight,  and for an expert weather forecast expected in that key  first week of racing.  In the Briefs.  Mixing  the water tribes, new WSL World Champ JJ Florence  takes the ride of his life on Oracle Racing.  ISA  and WSL   join  forces on the journey to Tokyo 2020, and complete corrected time results from the Middle Sea Race, after that spectacular duel between Phaedo3 and Maserati seen last week. Plus Hunt and Iffland  cap huge season performances by winning Cliff Diving World Series final in Dubai, and their respective  2016 titles.  Complete results  from the  La Torche Grand Slam, and Matteo Iachino  and Iballa Moreno pickup their PWA  world champion.