Captivating millions of fans  a sensational round the world match -race ends in glory , 'and the winner is:' Armel  Le Cleach  on Banque Populaire   barely holding back Alex Thomson  with Hugo Boss , and setting the new  74 day record.  Next the arrival highlights,   the  interviews, and the analysis of this extraordinary 2016-2017 Vendée Globe.    PIus more record-smashing is going on  in  offshore sailing as Francis Joyon and his elite crew  on maxi  trimaran stop the clock  at 26 days in Cape Horn .  In  the  Briefs: Sail, Surf, Kite! Water sports  awards  take the spotlight with  Gavin  Reid, John John Florence,  Tyler Wright, Caleb Paine, and Daniela Moroz. Then, Robinson and McDonagh  win the Subway  Surf Series at Bells Beach in Australia,  as the WSL 2017 season kicks off  for the Juniors Qualifying Series, and a whole lot more  coming up.

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