30 Minutes TV documentary on refit when Artur sees his Blue Daisy for the second time

^ Carl Adams being interviewed by Lucia Metzbauer from Nautical Channel just before Artur arrives from Poland

The second time Artur flew to Ellös to see the progress of Blue Daisy’s refit, a film team from Nautical Channel was already on site waiting for him. Refitting boats has gained a huge interest internationally and Nautical Channel is currently doing a series of documentaries about the new trend in the boating industry: More and more boat owners strive to take care of all the beautiful classic boats around the world.

Orust is well known for its yards and the outstanding craftsmanship when it comes to boatbuilding and refit. After all, boats have been built and repaired here for thousands of years! This is why Nautical Channel chose to come to Orust to do its documentary about refit and wanted to take Artur’s classic Hallberg-Rassy 46 as an example of the ongoing trend in the industry.

Lucia from Nautical Channel said: “Adams Boat Care and his team is an excellent example of small companies working successfully together in a network, stating an example of how companies can develop and grow even through times by others considered as a crisis.”

There are many owners who are literally in love with a classic design, which they claim is no longer available in contemporary models. It is explained by the fact that it would simply be too expensive to build such boats these days. The mass market is said to prefer cheaper, faster and more spacious boats and to accept the drawbacks of having a deeper shorter keel, flat hull bottoms slamming in the seas, less elegancy for the eye and lacking the love by handmade craftsmanship. This might be true. But a small percentage of boat owners seek for more...

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