Welcome back to latest edition of NC Sports Weekly News
and there is plenty of action on the world's oceans

Mick Fanning and Carissa Moore dominate Trestles and leap back on top of the WSL Championship Tour rankings

The Mini Transat Iles de Guadaloupe 2015 is now coasting the Iberian peninsula on it's way to  the Canary Islands.

The Wavegarden debuts on Northern Wales. Andi Van Zyl reports on the very first 'Surf Stadium'.

Over 500 kiters the on the Coast To Coast  connecting Germany and Denmark for a new Guinnes World Record. Gruber and Roose take top honors. Challis Popkey has the story.

Hap Fauth's Bella Mente wins the Maxi Yacht World Championships in Sardinia's Emerald Coast.

Koster wins the third duel against Fernandez in  thePWA  Wave championship
at the  sensational Cold Hawaii 2015 in Kitmoller.

NC Sports! Plunge into the action.