Meet Justine Mouvine & Alain Riou, the two pros accompying our five lucky wedcast winners for the Jeep OnBoard experience!  Jeep OnBoard is a new surfing series coming exclusively to Nautical Channel this June!

The Champion - Justine Mauvin AKA Lili Flint

Hard to say if she is more talented or beautiful. Justine Mauvine aka Lili Flint, is a young longboarder from Reunion Island. Pro-Surfer, model and singer. Bob Dylan and Joan Baez have clearly inspired her music but as a surfer she like to have her own style.

She actually managed to give a new vision about female surfing: not only girls doing a “mans sport” but confident, modern women, beautiful, sexy and in control of their destiny.

Check out her facebook page or start follow her twitter profile @JMauvin!

Youtube - Roxy Team Rider Justine Mauvine


The Teacher - Alain Riou

When you just need to exit your doorstep to find yourself in front of some of the best and most beautiful line-ups in the world, it is easy that you are going to become a pro-surfer.

Alain Riou lives in Tahiti and his Curriculum says that he is twice European Pro Junior Champion, winner of the Teahupoo WCT trials at 21, invited on Young Guns 2 with Slater, Reynolds, Craike, Flores.

If you want to know more about this talented surfer you can read his blog fafandfurious or follow him on twitter @al1riou

Vimeo - fafandfurious going west


Meet the rest of the Jeep OnBoard team!

The Shapers - Phil Grace & Christiaan Bradley

The 5 winners of the Jeep-People webcast