It’s time to take a step closer to our surfers who are on their way to Hossegor to live the great Jeep OnBoard experience. The reality series is in the middle of being shot! The team is composed of five ocean lovers and freedom seekers:

Benny Perach is an outdoor enthusiast, he loves to spend his free time in the open air and he can’t live far from the extreme: to Benny, adrenaline is like oxygen and always being in search of a new adventures is what makes his everyday life unique. This German surfer was born in 1981.

Then we have Valeria Pasca, 24 years old. You’ll get to know her better in the next days, but what if we had to choose three adjectives to describe her? Adrenalinic, competitive and a deep lover of whatever regards the sea and the world of music. Nothing can stop her, even when she gets hit by the surfboard… in her face: it’s all about determination.

The other girl in the team is a beautiful Swedish surfer, Natasza Zawadzka, born in 1985. Any action sport is her action field: surfing, skating, snowboarding. Give her a board and she’ll let you dream.

Meet the spanish guy, Ruben Sastre. He tells all about his passions on his blog ( from surf, to skating and kite surfing too! When he doesen’t show his abilities on the highest waves, he tweets, posts and pins about his fav activities on any kind of social network.

While Andrea Basili, Italian, made the life choice: leaving his business in a big company to follow his dream and passion. Surf on a side, photografy on the other. He lived in South Africa, then Brasil, in various towns. He feels young just as he looks and the longboard is his speciality.

If you want to find out more about our Jeep Surfers, don’t miss the Jeep People updates from the Jeep® Onboard experience, live from Hossegor (France), which are coming up in the next days.