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After a few drinks one night, Rian Cope and Dylan Brayshaw decided to cycle and surf their way across one of the most terrorism inflicted, natural disaster prone, surf rich and culturally awakening countries in the world – INDONESIA!

Watch the boys plan and prepare for 18 months before they take off to Banda Aceh in search of perfect waves. They will travel throughout Sumatra, Java and Bali, over 4 months covering 2800kms by bicycle. From the get go, see the boys experience the huge culture, physical and mental shock of what it takes to pedal and navigate their way through a predominantly Third World and Muslim country.

See Rian and Dylan come face to face with the volcano Mount Bromo and The Sea of Sand, monster reef breaks in Lagundri Bay, the Mentawai Islands and Grajagan, off road madness through the villages of East Java, earthquakes in Cimaja, a school and hospital for orphaned children and all the highs and lows that come with the experience of travelling across an unknown country with your best mate!