FRONTPAGE  -  Sept 5, 2014
NC Sports News Desk
He can do it.  This week's  NC Sports front page is dedicated to current ASP World N°1 Gabriel Medina.  The young Brazilian  sealed  his awesome third  season victory at Teahupoo in a heart stopping final against Kelly Slater.   It's still an open battle, but Gabriel proved that he's got what it takes to win this 2014 World Championship Tour. Take a peek at the emotional post-race interview and  the massive five meter break for this epic ASP-WCT stopover with seven perfect tens in the series.
This Saturday  Nautical Channel subscribers  also  get the full take from Tahiti  on the next NC Sports 'Buzz'.
Also in the program:
It was a record-breaking  Sevenstar Round Britain & Ireland Race this year, and a phenomenal debut performance of the new VOR 65s with both  Azzam and the girls on Team SCA both setting new time references.  The World Speed Sailing Record Council was kept very busy and also officially certified new marks for multihulls with Oman air Musandam, Artemis  for in the  Open 60s, and for Swish in the class 40s.
Nearly 15000 fans got to actually race live against the best at this edition of the RB&IR thanks to  Senior Correspondent Sebastien Destremau reports on the top multiplayer action.
Reigning champs of The Wave Muscat  captained by Leigh McMillan clinched a key victory in Cardiff Bay for Act 5 of the Extreme Sailing Series, and  stay within striking distance of Alinghi and Morgan Larson; just 2 points away on the overall scoreboard.   Yes  it's about those two again, but this time Ainslie's BAR team was no pushover.
Italy's Giancarlo Pedote and his faithful round-bowed Prysmian continue to dominate on the French Mini 6,50 Circuit and is now poised for a second consecutive title.   Nearly 200 "ministas"  signed-up  this year's Les Sables-Açores-Les Sables for a tough 2500 nautical mile round trip regatta in mid-Atlantic. 
The USA's Mike Holt and Rob Woelfel were crowned as new 505 World Champions last week in Kiel folowing a highly competitive series of seven regattas.
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