Original article from Diario de Burgos: Un burgalés en la ola by H. Jiménez / Burgos - 13 May 2013

He is part of the Morcilla Surf Club, and you can tell by looking at him that this surfer has to be from Burgos, Spain.  As a matter of fact, Rubén Sardiña lives on land but has an undying passion for the sea, the waves, and surfing. His latest ocean bound adventure brought him to Hossegor, France as a cast-member of Nautical Channel's upcoming surf series Jeep OnBoard.

Jeep on Board is sponsored by the all terrain vehicle from which it takes its name and the famous surf brand Quicksilver. The shoot was done over 10 days (20th - 30th of April) on the coasts of Las Landas. Five of the cast members were chosen through an international casting via Jeep-PeopleJeep OnBoard will take viewers into the daily lives of the cast's time in Hossegor as they take on numerous extreme sports and showcase the surfing lifestyle. The series is slated to be aired worldwide exclusively on Nautical Channel beginning this June.

“I saw the casting call and I showed up”, explains Sardiña.  “We had to send our profile, photos, a description of our interests… Then there was an interview in English and they chose me.” Along with a German, a Pole, and a pair of Italians, he had what he describes as "one of the best weeks of his life". He was able to meet some of the legends of the surfing world and their surfboard makers. During his time doing Jeep OnBoard he learnt a lot about extreme sports and getting along with the group. “The goal was not to have an elite competition, but to learn about the others and find out their own way to take the best wave” he says.

With the aid of a Jeep Wrangler, Sardiña and his cast mates chased the best conditions of the sea.  In addition to surfing the Jeep OnBoard cast took part in zip lining, horse riding, skateboarding, and paddle surfing. From what he tells us, it’s obvious he had the time of his life!

It can be very surprising that, for a man from Burgos, a Castilla habitant that barely knows the sea, could love so much the waves. But he has a very simple explanation : “I’ve loved water since I can remember, I used to swim and one day I discovered the appeal of the sea. From that moment I’ve being surfing for 10 years now.”

Rubén Sardiña is very active in social networks and he is Free Lance Community Manager, along with other friends form Burgos, he has found the Morcilla Suf Club and with it they go across the coasts of Asturias, Cantabria, Vizcaya, Guipúzcoa and the south of France. “ It’s only a couple hours away or 2 hours and half away, and sometimes that’s the time some people spend to go to work in Madrid.” He says.

We can see Sardiña making ‘morcilla’ (a typical blood sausage) to brag about being from Burgos. He show his origins in the sea and in the mountains, who knows someday might even in the sky.  His appetite for adventures is definitely not gone missing.

Follow Sardiña on his surfing adventures on twitter @RuSardi and his blog rusardi.wordpress.com!